How to Play and Have Fun – Workshop

at 10:30am – 2:30pm
47a High Street, Antrim BT41 4AY
Have you noticed yourself being too ‘stiff’ and awkward to really play with your own children, grand-children, step-children or foster/adopted children? Have you wondered why playing and being silly doesn’t come easily to you? Do you feel like you have a barrier, or even a rusty suit of armour, that prevents you from being more playful in your everyday life with other adults too? Unfortunately we often undervalue ‘fun’ and think that we should have ‘grown out of it’ by now…THIS IS NOT SO! Play and laughter bring many health benefits to the body, and to the state and functioning of the mind. In this 4-hour workshop the small group of 6 members (max) will explore our ability to play; to find out and what has prevented this; to prepare the body to play… and, you’ve guessed it… have some innocent fun and laughter along the way!
We are running this course also at a 30% discount so the cost is only £35.
To sign up please contact us in the first instance by phone or text on 07719252353, email at, via the website at, or by sending us a private message on the Facebook page
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