Understanding Anger Workshop

at 10:30am – 2:30pm
47a High Street, Antrim BT41 4AY
In this 4-hour workshop you will learn a lot about anger; the different and appropriate levels of anger for a given situation; safe ways to show these levels; how to deal with angry people; and how to calm yourself down when you feel yourself becoming ‘too wound up’.
We are running this course also at a 30% discount so the cost is only £35.
To sign up please contact us in the first instance by phone or text on 07719252353, email at enquiries@all-of-you.co.uk, via the website athttp://all-of-you.co.uk/allofyouantrimcounselling-4/, or by sending us a private message on the Facebook page www.facebook.com/AllOfYouAntrimCounselling
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